Wednesday, 24 February 2016

25, 2 , 16
Apple crumbles 

on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday my class made apple crumbles so that we could get money for the chicken food.  They were $5.00 each my mum ordered four three were for her friends at work and 1 was from my grandparents. On Monday I helped make the apple crumbles by putting the apple in the tins. then helping putting the lids on them. I felt really happy and excited. Then the next day it was Tuesday I could't do anything because  I had to go to swimming after school but my mum came to get the apple crumbles because on monday they had sold out when my mum got there so she came at school time and gave me a big heavy swimming. On Wednesday I got to sell the apple crumbles with some other kids in my class. I felt really exited and kind of nervous. Once we had finished selling we raced to our bags and went to spanish. 

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