Wednesday, 9 March 2016

this is us building a dam in the stream we used a lot
of rocks and stones

Camp week

this week was camp week this what we did

monday was bush walk and rock climb day. first we went in the bus to the park and went through the bush doing a scavenger hunt and then played at kids republic and did some rock climbing. Green hat: next time I want to try and get to the TOP of the rock climbing wall

Tuesday was construction day and we did Lego,imagines, little robots, height challenge and weight challenge my favourite was the little robots because if you put them on lines from a piece of paper they would follow the line it was awesome. With the imagines we made a little shop that could fit about 2 people. Next time I want to build a house with the imagines.

Wednesday was art day. First we made a picture of a forest. It was really big. Then we went and got a piece of an inside out picture and made a big one of it. Next Suzanne took a photo of us and we decorated it with some plants so that we looked like little people in a forest we stuck them onto our picture of the forest it looked really cool I felt proud of my self when we were finished.

Thursday was water day. First thing we did was go to the pool and put on some life jackets we had a boat in the pool and we hopped in and fell off like divers do and then practiced how to get warm in the pool and how to stay together and how to float in the life jackets then we had a water fight I  got cold after a little while so I went and got dressed then I heard that there was a movie on in room 6. It was finding Nemo  after brunch we made a water slide we used a  big black mat and some tyres  and to make us slide on it we but dishwashing liquid  and then we put the sprinkler on after doing a few goes I started to feel like a ice block so I went and watched the rest of the movie.

friday was camp day.


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